Crystal Meth Rocks(Yellow)


Factors That Influence The Color Of Meth

Many factors can influence the color of methamphetamine, from the way the drug was manufactured to what has been added to the drug during and after the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Process

With legal goods, including drugs, there are often strict guidelines for the manufacturing process as well as company guidelines that regulate quality and uniformity of appearance.

The manufacturing process for meth is not like that. Meth manufacturers make the drug in clandestine operations usually without concern for consistency or even safety.

In this kind of setting, there are bound to be inconsistencies of appearance in different batches of the drug.


When meth gets to the dealers, they can sometimes make further changes to it. They can dye the drug to disguise it or sell it to a certain age group.

Why does Crystal Meth have a yellowish Color?

Methamphetamine, an illicit drug related to amphetamine stimulant drugs, can often have different colors with the different forms it takes. And sometimes, one form, like crystal meth, can be colored in different ways.

Most often, the color of meth varies according to the form that it takes.

These color changes are often results of the chemical process of the drug shifting from one state (such as liquid or solid) to another.

However, the drug can change colors as a result of manufacturers or traffickers dyeing the drug. For example, crystal meth can appear in many different colors.

The reasons for making these color changes can vary. Because Sometimes, manufacturers want to add flavor, while sometimes dealers want to disguise meth from being noticed by law enforcement.

In one type of meth, traffickers color the drug and give it a flavor to appeal to young adults and teenagers who enjoy taking it in that form .

Like cocaine, methamphetamine can be turned into a solid from its liquid form. And like crack cocaine (the solid form of cocaine), solid meth is yellow and resembles rocks

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